Considering the gorgeous weather and beaches in Southwest Florida, it is no surprise that many people own boats and/or yachts.

While new boats look shiny and clean, it does not take long for the Florida sun to diminish that.

The majority of boats spend their time in the water and soaking up all that the sun has to offer.

As many of the residents know and the tourists soon find out, the Florida sun is quite dangerous, after lengthy periods of time.

The gel coat on a boat is as important to the structure, as is controls.

Once the gel coat is broken down, the fiberglass will begin to deteriorate until it is brittle and broken.


The best way to be sure that this does not happen to you, is to be sure to have your boat waxed on a regular basis.

Depending on the location of the boat, a wax job can last between 3 months and up.

Not only will it protect your boat, but it will keep your boat looking shiny and new.

We understand that there is nothing quite like the shininess of a new boat and we aim to keep yours looking that way.

In the end, the cost of a wax is much cheaper than replacing your gel coat.

Feel free to inquire about our boat detailing services.


  • Wash
  • Hand and Machine polish
  • Wet Sanding
  • Compounding
  • 3M finesse service
  • Interior detailing
  • Engine Room Detailing