Cape Yacht to the rescue! Emergency Yacht Services

Not sure where to start here, I’m so grateful for Cape Yacht and Pete and Drew their mechanics response.

Planning on fishing early Sunday morning I arrived at the dock only to find something had gone severely wrong.  The dockside stern was flooded.  Somehow it get held down and water flooded the boat. I managed to use the line and a come along to re-float the boat, along with a pump.

A frantic phone call to Cape Yacht and Drew called right away on a Sunday, with instructions on how to preserve the engine and wiring and what to do and not to do.  These instructions saved the engine on the boat.    Had I tilted down the engine, if I could, the water in the intake runners would have run down into the engine.

Drew came out the next morning while I cleaned up and re-did any suspect connections.    Pete delivered the parts that were needed and Drew installed.   After careful checks to ensure no water had entered the engine, it fired right up and ran like always.    Being a guide I could not afford any downtime with insurance claims, etc.  It appears a combination of quick action re-floating the boat and the proper approach on the engine made a potentially very serious issue not so bad.  Thank You Cape Yacht, Peter and Drew. These guys are Pro’s!

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